The workshops cover the most important aspects of project set up and process reviewing. The links above take you to the main pages for each type.

Project based workshops are focussed on getting your projects off to the best possible start by building a great foundation and generating staff, stakeholder and team buy-in right from the outset. They enable the creation of an engaged and knowledgable team and provide you with quality information to use in taking your project forward.

Process Review workshops enable you to review and improve your customer facing services, processes and operations. The direct results will be reduced costs/increased profits, more engaged staff and happier customers.

The sessions will train your staff and managers in a number of key areas of understanding and improving service delivery. They cover defining your core purpose as the focus of customer facing processes, learning to measure value and failure work, understanding variation of demand and the unintended impact of targets. We will map out your existing processes and evaluate against your core purpose. Your staff will be trained in how to prototype new processes in a safe and risk free manner to allow new ideas to be developed in a gradual and iterative fashion without affecting BAU until you are ready.

The workshops and training sessions draw on a number of system change methods such as Vanguard’s systems thinking methodology along with approaches from Agile and Scrum and the ideas of Frederic Laloux (author of Reinventing Organisations).

Bespoke Workshops. I also offer bespoke workshops to cater for any of the individual situations you might be facing in your organisation.
Before any workshop we will discuss your particular requirements and agree the plan for the session. The details will be sent to you before the day so you know exactly what is going to happen. After the day, I will send you a written summary together with any supplementary outputs generated in the workshop such as mind maps, charts, photographs, comments, next steps and learning.

Systems Thinking review workshops require a more in-depth discussion of your needs before booking, due to the potentially deeply transformational nature of the changes they are focussed on. Please let me know if you are interested in this type of work and we can discuss how I can help.